VVP Business logistics Pvt Ltd. Ltd. were established in the year 1997 with the than name WEB MAILING SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD, having its headquarters in Mumbai. The company is also an associated company of DTDC EXPRESS LIMITED. The company came into the existence as result of the owners’ vision of providing an affordable couriers and express services with speciality in Annual Report Distribution for the corporate’ customers. During these years VVPL has crossed many milestones and is set to cross many more soon.

VVP Business logistics Pvt Ltd has over the years built a network that responds to the changing aspirations and requirements of our clients. VVP Business logistics Pvt Ltd having Head office in Mumbai and with the parent company DTDC Express Ltd., enjoying 10000 regional branches which provide services to destinations across India covering nook and corner of the country. VVP Business logistics Pvt Ltd also provide a unique capability of organizing services on holidays (Sunday Also) for the clients who are in need of such a service and are accommodative in terms of cost. Be it any location VVPL reaches and serve the customer with a very nominal cost.

VVP Business logistics Pvt Ltd fully exploits the technology to support its operations and other activities. The multiple use of scanners to manifest and record the movement of each and every shipment that passes through its network helps to create a successful Trace and Track facility in the system. A 100% percent mobility and abundant use of messaging tools ensure a fast communication module so vital in express industry.

VVP Business logistics Pvt Ltd employ more than 5 senior management personnel to manage the day to day affairs and to provide strategic direction to the company. A highly dedicated and professional team of around 12 middle level managers provide the core of its team .In addition, a strong force of around 100+ workers, directly or indirectly, ensures the smooth execution of the operations at the grass root level.

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